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CriDaigle  is  Christine Daigle

Canadian - Montreal-born - New Brunswick-raised - Based in Montreal - Citizen of the World



As a child, Christine loved wearing her Brazil-green sneakers.

She started having an inclination towards colours and wanting to visually embellish people's lives at a very young age. Music & sports were part of her life from the age of 5. She was always drawn toward colours, different colours, which were not mainstream/popular but rather creating a reaction. National athlete and violinist, when time came for university, she opted for sciences to see if she was intelligent enough. Sciences to her was the most difficult topic. After completing her degree in Biology, specialization in Ecology, having worked in Marine Biology, Agriculture, Entomoloy and Ornithology, she leaned towards another passion of hers - the heart and the brain. She completed her Masters degree in Pharmacology on Cardiovascular Diseases and worked in the Biotech, Surgical & Endovascular (brain aneurysm treatment) devices in the Medical industry, growing business nationally and internationally. Her work consisted of extensive travelling throughout Latin America & Europe from 2009-2012, guiding specialist during patient treatments for optimal patient outcomes. Seeing different local realities, meeting incredible people, and noticing colours. Flying more than 400 times during this period brought her face-to-face with her fear of flying - images became engrained in her mind; the infinite line above the clouds, reminding her of the infinite coast line from her native Canadian east coast, and from her background in the surgical, being conscious how life can be short, having seen disease concretely. Her work in Sao Paulo Brazil and in the southern part of Latin America somehow awoke the need to express herself through paintings.


She is a being who needs constant evolution, stepping out of her comfort zone makes her feel alive, confronting her fears, going straight towards her goals, somehow fearless of starting as a rookie and making her way up. Colours, humanity, people, health, innovation, peace, serenity, Ecology, agriculture, the fight to preserve the environment, the fight to stop deforestation in the Amazon and elsewhere, horizons, coastlines and colours again, her love of Italian fashion, expressing oneself with colours... unconventional colours put together... life... feeling alive... all of it started to come out on canvas one Saturday morning in her Eixample apartment in Barcelona Spain back in 2012. She is self-taught, has been exhibiting & selling her paintings since 2012.

She profoundly loves connecting people through her art, and through her art and her heart she channels her messages to society.


2000 - MSc in Pharmacology, Fundamental research on cardiovascular diseases, Université de Montréal, QC, Canada

1997 - BSc in Sciences, Specialization Biology, Université de Moncton, NB & Université de Montréal, Canada

Solo Exhibitions 

2018 - "Passos", Galerie du Viaduc (Mile-End), Montreal, Canada (November)

2015 - "Synchrocolor", Club Sportif MAA, Montreal, Canada (March)

2013 - "Infinito", Club Sportif MAA, Montreal, Canada (October)

2013 - "Infinito", Centre Culturel Aberdeen, Moncton, NB, Canada (September)

2012 - "Ondas Vivas", Espai ST3 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (December 2012-February 2013)

Group Exhibitions 

2019 - "Superfine Art Fair' Soho, 107 Grand Street, New York NY (May 1-5)

2019 - "Superfine Art Fair' Los Angeles California, Magic Box, (February 14-19)


2014 - Book cover: "Nouvelles perspectives en développement régional" by Sébastien Breau, Presses de l"Université du Québec

2013 - Book chapter cover: "El don, Via interior hack la intuición" by Lorena Rienzi Campana, empresa Códice, sold in Spain and Latin America.